North West operates a fleet of company owned aircraft that include:

  • 3 Cessna Conquest 441
  • 1 Cessna 340
  • 1 Cessna 335
  • 1 Lear 25A

This suite of aircraft has been specifically assembled to provide the broadest range of imagery and LiDAR acquisition from high altitude 2m resolution to high resolution 10cm imagery. They also have superior range of up to 7 hours of on-line acquisition per flight. These aircraft are operated and maintained by staff pilots and aircraft engineers.

Airborne Sensors

Orientation Equipment

North West exclusively employs Leica airborne sensors for its aerial data acquisition operations. The ADS40-II is the latest generation digital imaging sensor from Leica and simultaneously collects natural colour, colour infrared and panchromatic imagery. Full stereo imagery can be derived from all of these products.

The Leica ALS50-II is the latest in LiDAR technology that operates up to 150 Hz pulse rate with 4 full returns from individual pulse. North West’s processing group provides efficient, highly accurate products in a variety of data formats.

Accurate and reliable sensor position and orientation is mandatory for the operation of the ADS40-II and the ALS50-II. The position and orientation is provided by airborne GPS and an inertial measuring unit (IMU) mounted internal to the sensors. The latest in integrated  technology, the Leica IPAS system combines a  NovAtel dual frequency GPS receiver and the Honeywell _IRS IMU. The initial development on the IPAS and evaluation and integration of the _IRS IMU was done by North West through a wholly owned subsidiary company Terramatics Systems Inc. working under a development contract for Leica.

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